Napa Valley

My first stop traveling without Sarah brings me to Napa Valley, the world famous wine area just north of San Francisco. I spent a great afternoon with a friend I met in 1996 when I was in San Diego. It was the first time we have seen each other after more than 20 years, so... Continue Reading →

The city of El Paso, TX

El Paso is situated at the farest out corner of West Texas and stands on the Rio Grande river directly at the Mexican border. At the other side of the river is Ciudad Juarez, a populous Mexican city. Both combined form the international metropolitan area referred to El Paso-Juarez-Las Cruces with over 2.5 million people... Continue Reading →

Davis Mountain Loop & State Park

Just next to the Big Bend area, about 20 minutes drive away, is Davis Mountain State Park, high up in the mountains of West Texas, near the town of Fort Davis. The park elevation is between 1'500m and 1'800m (high for the desert around in West Texas). DMSP is perfect for hiking and mountain biking,... Continue Reading →

Big Bend Ranch State Park, TX

Big Bend Ranch State Park is the largest State Park in Texas. It is located adjacent to Big Bend National Park and shares the national parks's Chihuahuan Desert ecosystem. Still it looks so different. Lajitas, village just infront of Big Bend Ranch SP: a wild horse searching for water wholes and food, outside the State... Continue Reading →

Big Bend National Park, TX

Big Bend is a National Park, bordering Mexico and has national significance as the largest protected area of the Chihuahuan Desert in the US. It has many geological features including dinosaur bones and sea fossils. The Rio Grande, a not so big river as the name would suggest, forms the boundary between Mexico and the... Continue Reading →

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