San Antonio, Texas

A gorgeous city.. so big, but seems so small. Downtown you'll find the famous Riverwalk, which goes miles and miles through downtown but also far outside and is a beautiful way to get to know the center of San Antonio. It feels a bit like Venice in Italy. If you want to see the huge... Continue Reading →

We got flooded…

Floods are common in Texas as they have heavy rains which the soil cannot absorb that quickly. After a thunderstorm with rain of 4 inches (=10cm) in just about three hours, our campground was heavily under water. Our shoes outside floated away and of course everything we had outside was soaking wet. On the next... Continue Reading →

San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo 2018

We had the chance to see the famous yearly held San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo in San Antonio, Texas. The show is in a huge complex and is absolutely exciting, the cowboys are stunning and the horses are tremendously well trained. The show started off of course with a singer singing the national anthem.... Continue Reading →

Corpus Christi, Texas

We drove further South-West, near to the Mexican border to the for our ears strangely sounding city Corpus Christi. A lovely small city with a wonderful boardwalk resembling the one in Nice, Southern France and pelicans everywhere. Nature, which sometimes gives you the feeling like being on the Moon (or perhaps we are still too... Continue Reading →

NASA Space Center, Houston TX

Apollo 11, the US spaceflight mission, reached the moon's surface nearly 50 years ago. As Neil Armstrong, one astronaut, steps out of the landing space craft and onto the moon's surface, he said: "Houston - Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed. That's one small step for man, a giant leap for mankind". "Houston"... that's... Continue Reading →

Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth is belonging to the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area (called DFW metroplex). Fort Worth combines perfectly the amenities of a modern city and the history of cowboys with live stock shows and rodeos. Fort Worth Stock Yards:

Dallas, Texas

Typically Swiss we expected of Dallas to see Ranches, Cowboys, Longhorns... the same as when visitors come to Basel and think they see mountains, cows and chocolate everywhere. But we found a very modern and vibrant city with lots of history, which we liked a lot. One historical tragedy of course was the assassination of... Continue Reading →

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