The capital of Texas: Austin

After we have shown you the nightlife of Austin, we of course also want to give you a picture of Austin by daylight and show you the diversity of this wonderful city.

Downtown offers a variety of small shops, restaurant and bars as well as a small fine farmers market. There you also find the Texas Capitol, which is by the way 13 feet higher than the capitol of Washington DC. The most important thing for Texas: It needs to be bigger… Everything is bigger in Texas!
It’s interesting to see the representative house, the senate chamber and the room where they hold the press conferences. And of course a picture of their former governor Georg W. Bush is a must, nicely framed in a grandiose golden frame 😁.

Upholding the motto of “everything is bigger in Texas”, of course a huge barbecue at the most famous texan barbecue place “the Franklin Bbq” is a must!

But Austin offers more. Right next to downtown is Zilker Park, where you can stroll along the Colorado River and the Barton Creek, which eventually builds into a cool nature swimming pool filled by a 20 degrees warm underground spring. And you’ll find a lot more hiking and biking trails just minutes from downtown.


Texas Capitol:

Franklin Barbeque.. where it’s normal to wait several hours for a lunch barbecue. We had luck and waited for 50 minutes only 👍:

Zilker Park, with view on Downtown over the Colorado River:20180128-20180128-IMG_147320180128-20180128-IMG_1467

Barton Creek with Barton Springs nature swimming pool:

Hiking Trails surrounding Austin, such as Mc Kinney Falls, Barton Creek Greenbelt etc.:
White tailed deers on a hike in Mc Kinney Falls State Park

And again.. time runs quickly, and we’re soon off on the road again for our next adventures, even deeper into Texas 🤠😂. Bye-bye Austin!20180128-20180128-IMG_1842


4 thoughts on “The capital of Texas: Austin

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    1. Kein Problem.. ist ja kein Muss.. aber ich freue mich natürlich immer..
      Und gefallen die guten Steaks und das Barbeque 😂🤠 und die Weiten sowie das Cowboy-Feeling. Rodeo wollen wir unbedingt auch noch machen.
      Hab gerade dein Blog dazu durchgelesen.. spannend! Also wir habe beide noch keine Miss Piggy getroffen haha.. wohl zu kalt draußen..


  1. Its a good thing that you and Dominik did not eat that small entrée, for lunch. However, I believe that Eyra was very enthusiastic to get the “doggy bag” for desert !! Bon appetite ! However, it made me hungry to see those pics.


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