Waco, TX – the home of the TV series “Fixer Upper”

From Austin we continued our way North to Waco, Texas. Waco is a small town between Austin and Dallas, nothing which would catch your eye at first, but: it’s where the famous TV series Fixer Upper plays and where the National Dr. Pepper Museum stands
(Sarah is a huge Dr. Pepper Fan 😜); so definitively worth a stop. We also found the Homestead Heritage, an agrarian and craft-based community on a huge farm, made up of numerous small family homesteads, which are crafting everything themselves (their clothes, their food, their furniture etc.). Like a journey into another world.. and they are offering a very lovely Homestead Café, where we had a homemade breakfast.

We of course needed to see the Silo Bakery and the Magnolia market, both belonging to Chip and Joanna Gaines, the main figures of Fixer Upper. Her cupcakes are even more delicious as they always look in the tv series.

As we are still in Texas, the food is just putting on loads of weight for both of us.. 😩 but as Joanna says: a balanced diet is a cupcake in each hand!

Magnolia Market & Bakery at the Silo’s (TV series Fixer Upper):

Homestead Heritage, Waco:

Waco Downtown:20180131-20180131-IMG_199720180131-20180131-IMG_154720180131-20180131-IMG_156520180203-20180203-IMG_208420180203-20180203-IMG_2079Dr. Pepper Museum: J.C. Dunagan, texan philanthropist and historian, said about Dr. Pepper..  ..”it can truly be said, that carbonated soft drinks are modern America’s most popular contribution to the diet of the people of the world.” Yes, they are 😂.
Cameron Park in Waco.. trying to walk off all that eaten food:
Our campground… and of course a decent lunch there too 😁:

theroadcom.files.wordpress.com/2018/02/20180201-20180201-img_1598.jpg” class=”alignnone wp-image-809 size-full” height=”2424″ alt=”20180201-20180201-IMG_1598″ width=”3232″>20180131-20180131-IMG_1570 If you like to see, where/how we live on the campgrounds, take a look at our new tab “campgrounds” and you’ll find pictures and park maps of our campgrounds and under the tab “our travel trailer” some more pictures of our RV.

4 thoughts on “Waco, TX – the home of the TV series “Fixer Upper”

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  1. Dr. Pepper, eh ……. No wonder the wine does not taste good………….Although, I must say, that when I was a kid (8-10 years old), Dr. Pepper was a drink I had after playing sports…………


  2. Also die Fotos sind einfach unglaublich!! Wie von einem Profi. Kannst locker für das America Journal arbeiten!!!


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