Dallas, Texas

Typically Swiss we expected of Dallas to see Ranches, Cowboys, Longhorns… the same as when visitors come to Basel and think they see mountains, cows and chocolate everywhere.

But we found a very modern and vibrant city with lots of history, which we liked a lot.

One historical tragedy of course was the assassination of president John F. Kennedy. They have  cross marked the street where he got shot and in the building whereof Harvey Oswald fired his deadly shots, you’ll see a rifle marker too. Very impressive.. we had goose bumps allover.

The JFK Sixth Floor Museum and Elm Street:
Cross markers were he got shot (pictures top right/top left) and window with rifle imitation (picture bottom right)

Reunion Tower:
View on Dallas from the 170meter high Reunion Tower (inside the Restaurant Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck)


20180204-20180204-IMG_2163Reunion Tower from outside by night

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    1. Du nimmst uns gerade einen unserer nächsten Blogs vorweg 🙂 Da wir nicht an einem Wochenende da waren, war leider kein Rodeo aber die Stockyards waren auch so spannend.. die Boots waren mir definitiv zu teuer 🙂


  1. wir waren nicht an einem Wochenende da… hey, ihr könnt 2 Monate in Fort Worth abhängen… ihr seid nicht in den Ferien… nehmt Euch die Zeit… ihr arbeitet doch keinen Plan ab!


      1. Weiß zwar nicht ob ich mich getraue den Fotoapparat in diese große und mehrheitlich betrunkene Menschenmasse mitzunehmen.. wahrscheinlich gehen wir nur mit Handy. Mal sehen.. aber ich sollte trotzdem reinschauen 😉


  2. Good pics, as we have never been to Dallas–except in the movies ! It looks a lot like Wall Street area–narrow streets, traffic, but minus the crowds of people. Wolfgang Puck is a very creative chef. Puck was a sous chef at Le Oustau de Baumaniere in Les Baux de Provence–one of our favorite restaurants/hotel. The owner, Jean-Andre Charial, told us about 10 years ago, that Wolfgang Puck was a good sous chef for several years & now he’s made so much money in the US, that he offered to buy Le Oustau de Baumaniere !! Jean-Andre was not amused !!


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