Our travel trailer

We did a lot of research on Recreational Vehicles (RV’s) several months before we started our travels. We did learn about differences between Class A and Class C motorhomes, luxurious buses, huge 5th wheels and regular travel trailers. After hours and hours of research and visiting several RV dealerships and shows we decided for the perfect match for Three on the Road: The Grand Design Imagine Travel Trailer 2650 RK (2017 model) with a length of 29 feet (bumper to ball; RV itself 26 feet).

From the outside it has an exquisite black and white look. Inside, this unit has a floorplan that suits our needs; it’s big enough to live in for several months and it’s small enough to camp in most tight spots in national parks or go boondocking, and it has a stunning design for an affordable price (cheaper than most of the RV’s we’ve seen on campgrounds 😉 ).

For warmer days it has a huge awning and it even provides us with a small outside kitchen including a little fridge to cool Dominik’s beers. For cooler days it has a fireplace inside, which warms up the whole living area without using up any propane. The TV is retractable and the shower is big enough to normally stand in there and move around while washing your hair etc. And, it even has a pet dish for our little Eyra 🙂



Pictures of our travel trailer:

outside fridge; filled with what you need 🙂

So, as you may see: We and our dog are happy in our perfect travel trailer…

See you on the Road…

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