Palmetto State Park, LA

On the way from New Orleans, Louisiana to Houston, Texas, through the state of Louisiana, we stopped at the wonderful ¬†and quiet Palmetto State Park near Abbeville, Louisiana. The park offers a wide range of wildlife: Amongst the black bear, tons of armadillos (see film below), lots of birds, alligators, some wild pigs, flocks of... Continue Reading →

Good-Bye NOLA

We will finally leave New Orleans after a last fun evening. It's one of the most beautiful and diverse cities we've ever seen, with its French touch, its history and its live music. We enjoyed to stroll through the town but also to eat and eat and eat... We'll see you again NOLA. We'll now... Continue Reading →

Snow and Ice (updated version)

Months ago, when we planned our route in fall in Switzerland.. we thought, we'd like to skip the cold Swiss winter and take the sunny tour through the south of the USA, with lovely warm temperatures all winter long. What could possibly go wrong?! This morning in New Orleans, after a very stormy night with... Continue Reading →

Not only a city…

.. but also stunning nature and wildlife. As the weather holds us in New Orleans (temperatures more North or West are even worse), we checked out what to do besides visiting the city of New Orleans all day and night long. They have some beautiful city parks to stroll around (e.g. Audubon Park) with huge... Continue Reading →

Small stories out of New Orleans

NOLA is preparing itself for Mardi Gras. Many houses have beautiful decoration in the typical colors (purple, green, gold). People on the street are waring metallic beads and/or masks in the same traditional colors and decorate their entrance doors and garden with it. They even have a cake for the season, which is called King... Continue Reading →

New Orleans by night

New Orleans is at least as lively by night as in daylight. We had the chance to be in NOLA while the opening night of Mardi Gras Carnival. The Krewe's weren't as stunning as they will be on Fat Tuesday on Feb 13, when the Mardi Gras Season ends, but they had a nice one... Continue Reading →

New Orleans, Louisiana

From Mobile, Alabama, we drove through the state of Mississippi to New Orleans, in the state of Louisiana. The city of Jazz music, funny people all over the place, drunken tourists in the French Quarter, ancient plantation houses in the garden district, skyscrapers in the business district, old streetcars running through the main Canal Street... Continue Reading →

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