Mardi Gras – Carnival in New Orleans

Famous Mardi Gras.. the big yearly carnival in New Orleans on Fat Tuesday. Something between Brazilian Carnival in Rio, a military parade, a hip hop and jazz concert as well as a huge barbecue party. Again all in the typical colors of Purple, Green and Gold.

We enjoyed just one great party on Lundi and Mardi Gras… some pictures for you to enjoy too 🙂

Preparing for Mardi Gras 2018:20180212-20180212-IMG_251820180212-20180212-DSC_001220180212-20180212-DSC_0015

Mardi Gras Parades:20180213-20180213-DSC_021920180213-20180213-DSC_024620180213-20180213-DSC_024920180213-20180213-DSC_024120180213-20180213-DSC_029620180213-20180213-DSC_031120180213-20180213-DSC_027720180213-20180213-DSC_033520180213-20180213-DSC_033620180213-20180213-DSC_033920180213-20180213-DSC_034420180213-20180213-DSC_034720180213-20180213-DSC_035720180213-20180213-DSC_0364

getting late… (Lundi Gras)20180212-20180212-DSC_009920180212-20180212-IMG_253920180212-20180212-IMG_256520180212-20180212-DSC_003720180209-20180209-DSC_003820180209-20180209-DSC_004420180212-20180212-DSC_014720180212-20180212-DSC_004220180212-20180212-DSC_010720180209-20180209-DSC_0014

A short video of a “krewe” dancing… :

And this is how it looks afterwards… :20180212-20180212-DSC_019020180212-20180212-DSC_0184A tree full of beeds (the typical chains which get thrown from the wagons and which people wear, the more the better)

Visitors of Mardi Gras having a real party:

20180213-20180213-DSC_0400Best wishes to all our friends from Mardi Gras New Orleans..  our herb garden in our campground

9 thoughts on “Mardi Gras – Carnival in New Orleans

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  1. Wow! That looks amazing! Makes Fasnacht look pretty boring 😉
    Beautiful costumes and wagons.
    Once again awesome pics guys!


  2. Again, fantastic photos, both during the day and in the evening. Your masks & colors are also in the stimmung of NOLA !! I agree, Fasnacht is nothing in comparison to Mardi Gras in both NOLA & in Rio ! Besides, I lost a lot of good ties in Duesseldorf und Koeln, during that time !.

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