Fun Facts

We are keeping track of some fun facts and figures as of our departure on November 28, 2017.

Check out the Three on the Road charts once in a while…

Tons of hours spent planning and being edgy

4269 miles   driven with our truck and travel trailer (and even more with our truck only)
438 miles   walked by foot or paw

109 nights  in a decent campground
12  nights  boondocking in the scary wilderness

7  out of 50  states in the US visited
4  out of 58  national parks visited
31 out of 10’234  state parks visited

8  big cities
10 awesome beaches
17  epic bars and funky clubs
23  delicious restaurants
30  huge grilled steaks
3  exhausting, strenuous, tiring and terribly steep hikes

5842 pictures taken
231  minutes of video taken (and 11 short videos published on youtube)


last update: Apr 5 2018

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