Poor Eyra..

Traveling with a dog in the US is not the easiest thing to do. In a lot of parks, all beaches, malls, restaurants and public areas dogs (pets) are very often not allowed. In all campgrounds there is a "always on the leash" rule and a designated area where they can pee and poo. They... Continue Reading →

Last day in Fort Myers, FL

Now we're finally ready to take off. With the driver license in our hands and the technical issues of the trailer solved and the administrative tasks done, we're ready to hit the road. Our final evening we enjoyed with a beautiful sunset at FM Beach.

Nice Dinner..

This evening we tried out our oven for the first time and baked a pizza. After some minutes the whole RV began to stink horribly, lots of smoke started up our fire alarm of the trailer, Eyra started to bark.. .. and that's how the pizza looked like: After trying to freshen up the air... Continue Reading →

Driver‘s License

Again 5 hours of work.. going back and forth from one to the other counter, taking a multiple choice theoretical test and do a 15min practical test by driving. Dominik passed everything exemplary. Sarah fall trough the driving test by over-rolling a Stop sign! Arghhh.. so, all again tomorrow for stupid Sarah 😭

RV Life

Today we'd like to share some pictures with you about our life in our RV (recreational vehicle). We enjoyed a day just relaxing in the campground around our trailer and were researching for our next campgrounds.


We are ready to hit the road. The only thing missing is a drivers license, which we'll organize hopefully next week; otherwise we're all set. Weather changed quite dramatically. After some heavy rains yesterday, it's sunny again today, but only 15C during the day and 7C at night, which is quite cold in a trailer... Continue Reading →

It all takes some time…

We finally could pick up our car yesterday evening after a small nightmare in wiring the money from Switzerland to their not really international bank (our banker A. did a terrific job in helping us coping with the other side). It's very clear for me now, why Swiss Banks are unbeatable. Today we tried to... Continue Reading →

Finally: a phone

After tiring 4 hours, we have now beaten the challenge to get an American phone number and phone.. uff.. Meanwhile Eyra was sleeping in the rental car outside.. she's doing great 😎

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