RV Life

Today we’d like to share some pictures with you about our life in our RV (recreational vehicle). We enjoyed a day just relaxing in the campground around our trailer and were researching for our next campgrounds.

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  1. Wow! Das gseht absolut hammermässig schön us! Well done! Do chönnt ich grad izieh! Weisch was??? Ich hätt Euch e cooli business idee… villicht chönnt me das mol so teime 🙂 dass ihr e Hotel break mached und mir vo Euch für e Wuche odr zwei dr RV mieted! Das wär doch de Knüller!!!
    I’m serious!!!


    1. Haha.. genau, die Business Idee her eifach s‘Problem dass s‘Hotel wohrschinlich türer isch wie das was ich fürs RV verlange ka 🤣
      Aber me darf gern mol ko.. mir hend sogar es Gäschtebett ☺️


  2. Looks like you both have a comfortable & elegant lifestyle on the road. And Eyra looks quite content !

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    1. Yes, the Imagine Trailer Series are very stylish models. They are number one sold trailers in the US at the moment and the only one which have such an elegant design for the same price as normal once’s.


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