A hearty good-bye

All three are safely landed in Zurich and are back home in Switzerland after a ten hours flight from Miami to Zurich. Lots of luggage to take home 🙈 The USA said good-bye to us with a magical sunset on the airport of Miami, Florida. And we flew directly over the city of Miami with a... Continue Reading →

State Parks vs National Parks

We've been in a lot of National Parks and even more State parks on our journey, that’s why we thought, we give you a little list, what the advantages and disadvantages are of State Parks and National Parks in our personal view: We like National Parks because You see the big stuff, the world-famous landmarks,... Continue Reading →

10 Swiss Products we miss

For more than one year we are traveling and living in the United States. Living in a foreign country always takes some time to adapt. It was interesting to realize, which Swiss product, that are difficult or impossible to get here, we miss. So here we go: The first thing we could not find here... Continue Reading →

10 Years of Eyra 🐶

Today, January 19th, Eyra Ebony vom Tannelihoger, our English Cocker Spaniel with her full name 🙈, turned 10 years old. This bluntly shows us how quick life goes by.. and how important it is to enjoy and seize every minute of it. Eyra has given us so much joy in our lives and travelled the... Continue Reading →

Once around the USA in one year

End of November 2017 we started our adventure. We flew together with Eyra to Tampa, Florida in the United States and bought a truck and a RV. In mid December we were ready and hit the Road for our adventure to get around the whole United States in one year. We always thought, we have... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

Dear friends and family, We wish you all a very happy New Year and hope that you had some nice celebrations going into the Year 2019. Shall happiness, fun and health follow you through the year. We had a lovely warm evening in the western part of Florida, Bradenton Beach.  We enjoyed some great fireworks,... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas…

Dear family & friends We wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2019, with lots of happiness, best health and fun. We hope to see you all soon. With best wishes from St. Augustine, Florida, where we enjoy our Christmas holiday. Sarah, Dominik & Eyra A blog post regarding St. Augustine itself will... Continue Reading →

Halloween.. 🎃

We hope you all enjoyed a Happy Halloween! 👻💀 What a celebration in the US compared to Europe. People decorate their houses extraordinarily, carve pumpkins artistically.. we've never seen something like that - amazing. And children trick or treat heavily of course. Here are some awesome examples for our Swiss friends to admire.. and take some... Continue Reading →

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