We got flooded…

Floods are common in Texas as they have heavy rains which the soil cannot absorb that quickly. After a thunderstorm with rain of 4 inches (=10cm) in just about three hours, our campground was heavily under water. Our shoes outside floated away and of course everything we had outside was soaking wet. On the next... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

First, we wish all of you a very prosperous New Year and thank you for having followed us in 2017 so far. We celebrated New Year in Pensacola, which is a small city in the most western corner of Florida. It's a lively little town full of small shops, restaurants and bars. Dominik (and Eyra)... Continue Reading →

Christmas Dinner πŸŽ„

Unfortunately we neither had our family with us nor the possibility to do a traditional Fondue Chinoise. So.. a Porterhouse Steak and some minor Christmas decoration needed to do the trick. But we enjoyed some Christmas cookies baking and a wonderful Christmas Eve the three of us.

Merry Christmas

We wish you and your beloved ones a Merry Christmas.Β Enjoy the Holiday Season... Sarah & Dominik Picture 1,3: current cmp Picture 2 and feature image: last campground

Poor Eyra..

Traveling with a dog in the US is not the easiest thing to do. In a lot of parks, all beaches, malls, restaurants and public areas dogs (pets) are very often not allowed. In all campgrounds there is a "always on the leash" rule and a designated area where they can pee and poo. They... Continue Reading →

Nice Dinner..

This evening we tried out our oven for the first time and baked a pizza. After some minutes the whole RV began to stink horribly, lots of smoke started up our fire alarm of the trailer, Eyra started to bark.. .. and that's how the pizza looked like: After trying to freshen up the air... Continue Reading →

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