Happy New Year!

First, we wish all of you a very prosperous New Year and thank you for having followed us in 2017 so far.

We celebrated New Year in Pensacola, which is a small city in the most western corner of Florida. It’s a lively little town full of small shops, restaurants and bars. Dominik (and Eyra) enjoyed all the micro breweries and Sarah the huge coconut cakes they baked here, accompanied with some hot chai tea.

Our New Years Eve we spent at Pensacola Beach, freezing at 2 degrees with a strong stormy wind, so that with the windchill it felt deadly cold. After a decent dinner at the Hemingway Grille, we watched the fireworks at the beach with a couple of other people, but from the hundreds they were expecting was no nobody there. We assume it was just too cold for Non-Swiss here 😉


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

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  1. Never been to Pensacola, Florida, but the pics look very interesting. Hope your next journey location turns out to be warmer ! And we hope that 2018 is a very successful and entertaining year !
    Ulla & Clark


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