Another traveling day

We drove again more than 4 hours to get to our New Year’s Eve destination.

Unfortunately the weather got worse and worse. We started our journey again with some sunshine, but very cold temperatures already and ended it with pure rain and even colder temperatures.

We enjoyed a lovely lunch break in a very funny restaurant (Finn’s Island Style Grub in Panama City) and steered more west to the most western point in Florida, the city of Pensacola. We drove along the old highway number 98, which is a beautiful route along the sea and through huge forests. Unfortunately with the heavy rains we didn’t see a lot of the beauty. Also the really exhausting cleaning of the windshield of our huge truck didn’t help.

We were freezing to death as we were finished setting up the trailer at the new rain drained campground. What can you do better than eating a nice warm Swiss Fondue after this? 🙂 (to C.H.: only problem was; there was no white wine left to go with it 🙂 )



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  1. Oh, for either a Dezaly or St Saphorin with the cheese fondue……………..At least the weather was good for it.


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