Apalachicola and St. George Island, FL

Apalachicola is a very funky little city at the western corner of Florida (next to the border to Alabama). The small city is very lively, extremely dog friendly (you can take dogs into restaurants, bars etc… they even have a dog carnival parade :-)) and it has lots of funky bars and music clubs. And they have the world’s best chocolatier.. this is hard to say as a Swiss person 😉



St. George Island is a large island just next to Apalachicola. It’s merely sand dunes and pine forest. There is a nice nature trail, which we walked.. but as you can see on the picture: Also in North West Florida, the weather got pretty cold. We have around 7 – 13°C during the day and it will get in the next days to -2°C at night (No typo! You’ve read correctly.. Minus..). Fortunately we have a heater in our trailer 🙂


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