Raleigh & Durham, NC

North Carolina is said to be the most livable state in the US. And we definitively could see why. You instantly feel comfortable in the big cities there. Raleigh (the capital of North Carolina), Durham (the university city) and in the next blog Charlotte (the financial city). Raleigh: Raleigh is the second largest city in... Continue Reading →


From Virginia Beach we drove further south along the eastern coast of North Carolina to the Outer Banks = OBX. This is a narrow but very very long strip of land along the coastline. Often you'll have on one side the ocean and some dunes, the street, and on the other side another dune or... Continue Reading →

Virginia Beach, VA

From Delaware to Virginia we again needed to cross the Chesapeake Bay, this time with the lower Cheasapeake Bay Brigde-Tunnel. Yes: Bridge-Tunnel! We had no idea what that means.. but first, we had to wait to find out. High winds.. this means, all vehicles with trailers and all trucks need to wait on a parking... Continue Reading →


From Washington DC we went back to the ocean to start our drive south along the eastern coast of the US. We crossed the impressive upper Chesapeake Bay Bridge via Maryland to the state of Delaware, which sits on a huge peninsula and was the first state in the US.  We visited the beach town... Continue Reading →

Halloween.. 🎃

We hope you all enjoyed a Happy Halloween! 👻💀 What a celebration in the US compared to Europe. People decorate their houses extraordinarily, carve pumpkins artistically.. we've never seen something like that - amazing. And children trick or treat heavily of course. Here are some awesome examples for our Swiss friends to admire.. and take some... Continue Reading →

Washington DC – the capitol city

A completly different city to all other cities in the USA. It's like wandering through Rome in Italy. At least when you walk the touristy side of Washington DC as we did. So much history and pride.. the capital of the United States. The historical and politically interesting area is actually one big green field... Continue Reading →

Flashback on New York City

From Cape Cod, Massachusetts we drove a long way with a overnight stop down to Washington DC. We curved around New York City, as it's probably not advisable to go into the city with a trailer. The interstates are just huge around NYC. We drove on one with 9 lanes in one direction! So 18... Continue Reading →

Whale Watching

When we visited Boston in 2017, we also did a whale watching boat tour in Cape Cod. As we loved seeing these huge animals, we thought we do a little flashback on them and show you the whales of Cape Cod: We had quite a rough sea and spectacular weather conditions.. great fun: First signs... Continue Reading →

Cape Cod

From Maine we drove through Boston directly to Cape Cod, Massachusetts and stayed some time with friends from us, who we originally know from Switzerland and which live in both places, Switzerland and Cape Cod USA. Not a bad choice though 😉 In Cape Cod we first visited Provincetown. A fun little town, with beautiful... Continue Reading →

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