NASA Space Center, Houston TX

Apollo 11, the US spaceflight mission, reached the moon's surface nearly 50 years ago. As Neil Armstrong, one astronaut, steps out of the landing space craft and onto the moon's surface, he said: "Houston - Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed. That's one small step for man, a giant leap for mankind". "Houston"... that's... Continue Reading →

Natchez, Mississippi

We left Texas to travel back to New Orleans to be on time for Mardi Gras. As the route would have been too long without a stop, we took the route via Natchez in Mississippi at the border to Louisiana to see something different. Natchez is drawing you deep into the history of Southern heritage.... Continue Reading →

Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth is belonging to the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area (called DFW metroplex). Fort Worth combines perfectly the amenities of a modern city and the history of cowboys with live stock shows and rodeos. Fort Worth Stock Yards:

Dallas, Texas

Typically Swiss we expected of Dallas to see Ranches, Cowboys, Longhorns... the same as when visitors come to Basel and think they see mountains, cows and chocolate everywhere. But we found a very modern and vibrant city with lots of history, which we liked a lot. One historical tragedy of course was the assassination of... Continue Reading →

The capital of Texas: Austin

After we have shown you the nightlife of Austin, we of course also want to give you a picture of Austin by daylight and show you the diversity of this wonderful city. Downtown offers a variety of small shops, restaurant and bars as well as a small fine farmers market. There you also find the... Continue Reading →

A night out in Austin

While touring through Texas, we have now arrived in Austin, the capitol city of Texas. Austin is much smaller than Houston, but has a friendly open-minded character, a nice small skyline and an extraordinary music culture. On several places within the city, such as Rainey St, South Congress St, Red River St and of course... Continue Reading →

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