Monument Valley, Utah

In late afternoon we passed after a scenic drive from North Arizona the state line of Utah. Monument Valley is sitting on the state line of Arizona and Utah and is consuming both states for itself. We directly headed out to the scenic overlook of the Monument Valley and could shoot some nice sun-downer pictures... Continue Reading →

Between Cottonwood and Sedona, AZ

After hot Phoenix we went up North within Arizona into the "Verde Valley" to Cottonwood, where we had our base camp in the Dead Horse Ranch State Park. After the desert it's good to see trees. The Coconino National Forest has tons of them πŸ˜‚Β It's clearly much cooler, fresh air with a pine wood taste... Continue Reading →

Stunning surrounding nature of Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix.. known for hot temperatures, deserts and dust storms. But.. next to the definitively beautiful desert, you'll find mountains, lakes, rivers.. lots of wild life and for example wild horses! You can hike, bike, play golf or even boat and fish.. We enjoyed the nature of this area with the current temperatures very much... 😎... Continue Reading →

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix in Arizona, again a city, which has not the best reputation, especially in Europe, Β and was not recommended to us to visit, but which is so beautiful and underrated in our view. On every corner they are building new parks, plant trees and try to upgrade the city. It even has city-ambassadors around everywhere... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter 🐰🐣

We'd like to wish all our friends & family a very happy Easter. best wishes from Phoenix, Arizona and a real bunny.. check out the background! He came one day too early.. and entertained us while dinner on Saturday evening before Easter Sunday.

Surroundings of Tucson, Arizona

As we entered the area of Tucson in Arizona, we entered sunny hot desert with lots of cacti of all sorts. The area is especially famous for the Saguaro cactus, which can get around 150 years old and up to 50 feet (15m) high. They build their side arms after around 70 years only. Within... Continue Reading →

White Sand allover..

Finally leaving Texas, we drove into New Mexico and visited the White Sands National Monument ( thanks for the recommendation to C.R.) on our way to Arizona. Unfortunately there was a small storm on that day with winds of 50 mph (around 80 kmh), which doesn't help too much for your view when you are... Continue Reading →

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