Quirky Key West

After staying a long time in Central and West Florida, we drove down US 1 to the "Southern Most Point" of the contiguous US to Key West, in the Florida Keys, 145 km north of Kuba. Key West is famous for its open lifestyle and its many bars and restaurants in Duval Street. Lots of... Continue Reading →

Kayaking at Wekiwa Springs

We did a lot of kayaking tours during our year of travel through the USA. But nothing compared to this! We've never seen so much wildlife on a trip and never such beautiful water like in Wekiwa Springs State Park. The water was so clear, you could see everything from fauna to animals down to the... Continue Reading →

Short trip to Orlando & Disney Springs

As we have been for such a long time in Florida, mainly Fort Myers, we needed to do a short trip to Orlando, to the "Theme Park Capital fo the World". Orlando attracts over 70 million visitors per year and belongs to one of the world's most visited tourist destinations, due to the famous Walt... Continue Reading →

Visit from our family

We were so happy, that Dominik's godson ("Göttibueb") and his mum, Dominik's sister, could make it to come visiting us in Florida. We of course wanted it to be the trip of a lifetime for the almost 10 year old boy, so we planned long ahead an exquisite trip through central Florida with visits to... Continue Reading →

Staying in Fort Myers & Cape Coral, FL

Fort Myers and Cape Coral are two towns on the West coast of Florida. In Fort Myers we started off our trip. It's a comfy town, with tons of Germans and Swiss, we even met a friend of Dominik in Publix (grocery store) while shopping! We enjoyed some fun events such as the Cape Bike... Continue Reading →

10 Swiss Products we miss

For more than one year we are traveling and living in the United States. Living in a foreign country always takes some time to adapt. It was interesting to realize, which Swiss product, that are difficult or impossible to get here, we miss. So here we go: The first thing we could not find here... Continue Reading →

Excursion to Myakka River State Park

Myakka River State Park is a huge state park near Sarasota, Florida. It's full with day tourists over the winter months as it's easy accessible from the interstate and all holiday destinations around such as Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota, Fort Myers, Cape Coral etc. The park shows the typical southern vegetation with oak trees, Spanish moss,... Continue Reading →

10 Years of Eyra 🐶

Today, January 19th, Eyra Ebony vom Tannelihoger, our English Cocker Spaniel with her full name 🙈, turned 10 years old. This bluntly shows us how quick life goes by.. and how important it is to enjoy and seize every minute of it. Eyra has given us so much joy in our lives and travelled the... Continue Reading →

Once around the USA in one year

End of November 2017 we started our adventure. We flew together with Eyra to Tampa, Florida in the United States and bought a truck and a RV. In mid December we were ready and hit the Road for our adventure to get around the whole United States in one year. We always thought, we have... Continue Reading →

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