The decision has finally been made.. we’re moving home

After having travelled once around the whole country of America and now being for three months in Florida, first to relax and just “live the American dream” and afterwards to start thinking what to do next and where to go with our future life.

It was exactly in that last timeframe, when Sarah got offered a work possibility again in Switzerland and this accelerated our decision making. There are a lot of reasons to go back, they’re of course would be reasons to stay too. But after all that time, we even more realized how important family and friends are, a good health care system, an interesting working environment, and that “home always is home” no matter how beautiful  and stunning another country is.

So, we had quite some planning to do again in the last weeks and selling some stuff. We sold our RV to happy new owners from Chokoloksee and our truck back to the Dogde Ram Garage and organized a moving company for all our other stuff to get shipped home. Eyra gets again prepared for traveling in the lower compartment of the plane and late mid April all three will be home again and Three on the Road in the US will sadly slowly but steadily come to an end.

Here are some impressions of our last two weeks.. working out of Fort Myers and Cape Coral, Florida. Sorry, there are not a lot of pictures.. as while working you usually just not shoot pictures 😂:

Rest. Fords Garage, Cape Coral
a last good Burger Meal.. we will definitively miss a real American Burger in Switzerland
Verkauf RV.. letzte Minuten
Saying good-bye to our home we lived in the last 1.5 years.. it was a good and beautiful home. We’ll think a lot of it in future, we’re sure.
Charles & Vic Wright, new owners of RV, Chokoloskee
The proud new owners of our RV – we wish them safe and wonderful travels
Funky Autowaschanlage
Washing the truck to bring it back.. in the US lots of car wash machines have light show and everything, so it’s actually quite cool to get your car washed 😂🙈Bye bye Truck _ VerkaufBye bye Truck _ Verkauf
Selling and saying good-bye to our truck, which duly did a great job in towing and never really let us down.. we enjoyed driving a car huge as that one, something, which definitively does not make sense to drive in Switzerland due to the smaller streets and high costs of gas.. and with nothing to tow 😂
Packen and Moving back
Tons of laundry, before tons of packing.. 😂
Packen and Moving back
Eyra is clearly showing us, that she wants to come home with us.. and she is wagging her tale.. so we think, she’s looking forward to going home 😊🐶
Packen and Moving back
Filling the container box and moving everything home.. It was a rainy day as the truck arrived, but as soon as they started, the rain stopped and the sun came out, although the weather forecast was rain allover.. somebody wished us luck for our going home plans 😊Packen and Moving backPacken and Moving back
And a special gift to ourselves will get shipped home in that container too.. a wonderful “remember the US travels picture” to picture our tour through about 70% of the states of America.. 🤠

Three on the Road, will not be the Three on the Road again.. but we not leave you without a last blog about our personal highlights of our great trip through the United States of America. So, see you soon for a last time on this blog.

2 thoughts on “The decision has finally been made.. we’re moving home

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  1. Ich denke, da werden noch einige Abende kommen, an denen ihr das extrem vermissen werdet. Aber schön habt Ihr alles gesund überstanden! Welcome back! Und ganz speziell freue ich mich auf den letzten Post im Blog! Don’t be sad because it’s over, be happy that it happened!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Danke!
      Neben dem Zügeln gerade ein ziemlicher Aufwand 🤣 Denke, der Blog verzögert sich noch etwas.. sorry an alle..
      Guter Satz.. der wird mich leiten.. hoffentlich 🤣👍


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