Smith Rock, Oregon

Oregon is not only the coast and endless pine forests. In Central Oregon you can find a high desert landscape and lots of agriculture. I ended up visiting Smith Rock State Park – a beautiful place in the high desert of Oregon. And I enjoyed hiking the Misery Ridge Loop with Eyra (4 miles, 700 ft... Continue Reading →

Portland OR – and RV maintenance

I didn’t prepare anything before visiting this city. I just went downtown, parked my car (which was surprisingly easy for such a big city – and with such a big truck), and started walking. The first thing I noticed, you can easily explore all of the city by foot (or at least the downtown part).... Continue Reading →

Tillamook – more Oregon Coast

What is Oregon all about for me so far: a beautiful coast with pine forests, sandy beaches, rocky cliffs and a rough wild cold noisy ocean (which sounds like a distant freeway sometimes). But it also is good cheese (and not only Tillamook), Pinot Noir and some of the most spectacular hikes I did ever... Continue Reading →

Bandon – The Oregon Coast

It is always something special to see the sea again – even if it has only been a couple of weeks since last time. And the coast of Oregon near Bandon was one of a kind – I havn’t seen this kind of landscape so far: pine forests on the sandy beach with lots of... Continue Reading →

Crater Lake, OR – deep blue water!

After driving hours and hours through pine forest I had to climb to 8000 ft (2500 m) to see the deep blue and clear Crater Lake. And it really was the color of this lake that makes you stare at it - nonstop… A massive volcanic eruption left a deep basin where a mountain peak... Continue Reading →

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