Tillamook – more Oregon Coast

What is Oregon all about for me so far: a beautiful coast with pine forests, sandy beaches, rocky cliffs and a rough wild cold noisy ocean (which sounds like a distant freeway sometimes). But it also is good cheese (and not only Tillamook), Pinot Noir and some of the most spectacular hikes I did ever experience so far on this journey!

Three Capes Scenic LoopTillamook-1Tillamook-2Tillamook-3Tillamook-4Tillamook-5

Cape Lookout Trail:
While driving the Three Capes Scenic Loop in Tillamook I had to walk Eyra, because she was sitting in the car all day long – I saw a “trailhead” sign and just spontaneously did this hike – and it was one of the best hikes I did so far on this journey. It was just amazing to see the ocean and the cliffs through the pine trees every once in a while. I liked the vegetation a lot – and I could even spot a snake! For some parts of the path you should not be afraid of heights…Tillamook-6Tillamook-7Tillamook-8Tillamook-9Tillamook-10Tillamook-11Tillamook-12

Bayocean Peninsula Hike:
This was a surprisingly diverse and beautiful hike with the bayside-landscape (trees, quiet coastline) and the rough windy oceanside with miles and miles beach and sand dunes.Tillamook-19Tillamook-16Tillamook-13Tillamook-14Tillamook-15Tillamook-17Tillamook-18

And I couldn’t resist tasting some wine and cheese since I am in Tillamook… 😉Tillamook-20Tillamook-21

see you on the road!

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  1. Again, great ocean & very colorful forest trails pics. Eyra looks like she really enjoyed those walks.


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