Portland OR – and RV maintenance

I didn’t prepare anything before visiting this city. I just went downtown, parked my car (which was surprisingly easy for such a big city – and with such a big truck), and started walking. The first thing I noticed, you can easily explore all of the city by foot (or at least the downtown part). It was not too spectacular – there are not many great landmarks – but it was cozy and it had a European touch.PortlandDwnt-12PortlandDwnt-9PortlandDwnt-11PortlandDwnt-8There are a lot of food carts in downtown – this is especially convenient when exploring a city with a dog… PortlandDwnt-7PortlandDwnt-2PortlandDwnt-3PortlandDwnt-1PortlandDwnt-5PortlandDwnt-6In Pearl District I found a cupcake shop (cupcake jones) – and they also sold cupcakes for dogs… Eyra and I couldn’t resist…

Nice views of the downtown area from the Eastbank.PortlandEastbank-1PortlandEastbank-2And because we are on the road now for almost seven months, some maintenance and warranty work had to be done for our travel trailer. I tried to find a shop for several weeks now. All of them where fully booked for the next couple of weeks! It was quite difficult for me to arrange an appointment because I usually only stay a couple of days in the same city… but I finally found someone and he could fix everything. I had to reseal the roof, replace a LED-light on the outside, replace the wheel bearings on both axles and fix a lot of small stuff that broke down on the (sometimes bumpy) road. PortlandRVrep-1PortlandRVrep-2I only had little time to explore the surroundings of Portland (I spent a lot of time sitting and waiting for the RV-guy to show up…). I spent a couple of hours in downtown Gresham, just east of Portland (waiting for the RV getting fixed).PortlandSurround-5Washington Park with the famous Rose Test Garden: PortlandSurround-1Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area (east of Portland):PortlandSurround-4PortlandSurround-3PortlandSurround-2

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  1. Great scenery of the gorge/river. Never been to Portland, so that info/pics were interesting. When you travel further north, Puget Sound is extremely beautiful & there are boat trips one can take into the sound (archipelago). It looks like the sailing areas I used to sail in the archipelagos of Stockholm & Finnland.


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