Smith Rock, Oregon

Oregon is not only the coast and endless pine forests. In Central Oregon you can find a high desert landscape and lots of agriculture. I ended up visiting Smith Rock State Park – a beautiful place in the high desert of Oregon. And I enjoyed hiking the Misery Ridge Loop with Eyra (4 miles, 700 ft up, 700 ft down).SmithHike-2SmithHike-8SmithHike-4SmithHike-7SmithHike-3SmithHike-5SmithHike-6

Two days later I came back with my mountain bike and Eyra could relax back in the RV. I biked the Summit Trail / Wolf Tree Trail loop (7.5 miles, 1000 ft up, 1000 ft down). I only had to walk about 0.4 miles because there are parts of the trail that are too steep or too dangerous for riding the bike with my skill level. And I spotted another snake. This one was quite big – it was relaxing on the trail and I had to hit the brakes really hard – but as soon as I was ready to take a picture, it vanished…SmithBike-4SmithBike-3SmithBike-1SmithBike-2

The other day I visited the Cove Palisades State Park to do the Tam-a-lau Loop Hike. But I had to turn around because it was just too hot for Eyra – I really liked hiking in the hot desert, but my furry friend had just too much fur for these temperatures… and there was a lake for Eyra to cool down before we went back to the RV to relax.



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  1. Great pics, again. Looks like you & Eyra are enjoying life in the western states of the US. We r now in Nice visiting our niece & Finnish friends friends who have summer apartments in this area.

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