Craters of the Moon

Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve in Idaho is the only Park which is officially protected because of its weird and scenic landscape. The landscape is really weird with all the black Spatter Cones and the red-brown Cinder Cones. You can see, how the first lichen und moss and later bigger plants started to grow in the rocky and sandy soil.


The Campground I was staying was very nice and scenic – in the middle of the volcanic landscape (see here for details). It was a walk-in campground, which means, you just drive around, pick a spot which is still empty and then you go to the pay-station to pay the fee. I was driving around in the campground and just found the perfect spot – in the same moment I heard a terrible squeaking sound… In that second I knew what happened… I scratched the side of the travel trailer! So happy finding the right site and so angry not paying attention where to drive in the same second… But luckily it is not too bad: a couple of scratches in the lower side of the trailer and a broken sewer pipe. I could temporarily fix the pipe with some duck-tape and the scratches with a car-fix-kit. So, one more trip to the RV-repair-shop has to be planed…  RVscratch-1

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