This special place was on my bucket list for a very long time – so I booked 9 nights at the campground just to be sure to catch a couple of beautiful sunny days. And it is always nice not to be in a hurry! It was good to have so many days, this park is just huge: 3472 mi2 (8991 km2, this is almost ¼ of the area of Switzerland!).Yellowstone-DivAndHikes-1Yellowstone-DivAndHikes-2Yellowstone-DivAndHikes-3

Thermal AreasYellowstone-Thermal-4Yellowstone-Thermal-3Yellowstone-Thermal-2Yellowstone-Thermal-1

Old Faithful
To watch the Old Faithful Geyser Blow is probably the most famous thing to do in Yellowstone – and you can see that: a parking lot with thousands of cars and a sports event kind of atmosphere during the few minutes of the event – just watch the movie at the end of this blog to see and hear the crowd in action!Yellowstone-OldFaithful-1Yellowstone-OldFaithful-2

Grand Prismatic Springs and Firehole Lake DriveYellowstone-PrismaticAndFirehole-8Yellowstone-PrismaticAndFirehole-6Yellowstone-PrismaticAndFirehole-7Yellowstone-PrismaticAndFirehole-4Yellowstone-PrismaticAndFirehole-3Yellowstone-PrismaticAndFirehole-2Yellowstone-PrismaticAndFirehole-1

Grand Canyon of YellowstoneYellowstone-GrandCanyon-1Yellowstone-GrandCanyon-2

Mammoth Hot Spring TerracesYellowstone-MammothTeraces-3Yellowstone-MammothTeraces-2Yellowstone-MammothTeraces-1

Hikes (and dog logistics):
And another reason, why I needed so much time here, is Eyra. You can’t take your dog to any hiking trails – and leaving Eyra in the car during a hike was no option. So I had to get up early, take Eyra for a walk in the Campground, and then leave her in the RV for the rest of the morning. This was possible, because in the mornings it was not so hot and I can ventilate the RV quite good. And because you have to drive sometimes more than an hour to the trailhead, I could only hike for a couple of hours. But anyway, I could enjoy the following hikes:

  • Dunraven Pass to Mt Washburn (6.0 mi, 1350 ft up and down): big horn sheep, marmot, and awesome viewsYellowstone-HikeMtWashburn-3Yellowstone-HikeMtWashburn-6Yellowstone-HikeMtWashburn-5Yellowstone-HikeMtWashburn-4Yellowstone-HikeMtWashburn-2Yellowstone-HikeMtWashburn-1
  • Storm Point near Fishing Bridge (2.3 mi): bison
  • Ribbon Lake Loop near Grand Canyon South Rim (5.0 mi): bison, thermal areas, great canyon views
  • Grand Prismatic Spring overlook (2.0 mi): nice overlook but very crowded
  • Natural bridge mountain biking (6.0 mi): nice bike trip, trailhead at my campground
  • Mystic Falls near Biscuit Basin (3.9 mi): beautiful thermal areas and great views
  • Hell roaring near Tower-Roosevelt (5.0 mi): great prairie landscapes, lots of bugs
  • Yellowstone-DivAndHikes-6Yellowstone-DivAndHikes-7Yellowstone-DivAndHikes-5

Grand Teton
I made a day trip to Grand Teton National Park. A great scenery with all the lakes and the mountains – and I’ve seen Moose (see here).Yellowstone-GrandTeton-2Yellowstone-GrandTeton-1

Up next: Wildlife in Yellowstone.

3 thoughts on “Yellowstone

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  1. Wow! Just incredible.. with Yellowstone I definitively missed one of the most spectacular parks.
    Only 1.5 week to go.. and then we‘re back to three on the road 😊


  2. Brings back long ago memories…My parents first took my brother & I to Yellowstone in 1958. I worked on a ranch in northern Colorado 2 summers—1959/1960–& went to the Unuversity of Wyoming. Camped in the Grand Teton, on the Snake River during my last year @ the university. In Jackson there are 2 great bars, where cowboys rub shoulders with tech titans. Thanks for the memories.


  3. Looking at all these gorgeous pictures and descriptions, made me feel like I really need to make a trip through US as well! 😄
    Thank you guys, really great job.

    Liked by 1 person

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