Flashback on New York City

From Cape Cod, Massachusetts we drove a long way with a overnight stop down to Washington DC. We curved around New York City, as it's probably not advisable to go into the city with a trailer. The interstates are just huge around NYC. We drove on one with 9 lanes in one direction! So 18... Continue Reading →

From Upstate New York to New Hampshire

From the Niagara Falls we drove the sometimes "swampy" area along Lake Ontario to Henderson Island, NY: We, or actually Dominik (Sarah cleaned the RV in the meantime) enjoyed a wonderful hike in the Robert Wehle State Park, NY (Snakefoot Trail): After that we drove further west through New York State. We came by lots... Continue Reading →

Niagara Falls, NY

The Niagara Falls are just overwhelming! You can look at them from all sites and could shoot hundreds of pictures and you always think you saw something new. Incredible.. We merely looked at them on the American side and at night we hopped over the bridge to the Canadian side.. but without too much more... Continue Reading →

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