Flashback on New York City

From Cape Cod, Massachusetts we drove a long way with a overnight stop down to Washington DC. We curved around New York City, as it’s probably not advisable to go into the city with a trailer.

Durchfahrt NYCDurchfahrt NYC

The interstates are just huge around NYC. We drove on one with 9 lanes in one direction! So 18 lanes next to each other! Just not to imagine in Switzerland..



As we visited NYC in 2015, we again skipped this big city. But we’d like to show you some pictures of the town, which we took then. We tried to concentrate on the more special shots as a lot of people know NYC very well. We hope you enjoy the pictures:NYC_Flashback-3NYC_Flashback-5NYC_Flashback-1NYC_Flashback-6NYC_Flashback-7NYC_Flashback-8NYC_Flashback-10NYC_Flashback-9NYC_Flashback-11NYC_Flashback-14NYC_Flashback-16NYC_Flashback-17NYC_Flashback-19NYC_Flashback-20NYC_Flashback-21NYC_Flashback-22NYC_Flashback-23NYC_Flashback-24NYC_Flashback-25NYC_Flashback-26NYC_Flashback-28NYC_Flashback-29NYC_Flashback-30NYC_Flashback-27NYC_Flashback-32NYC_Flashback-33

And as we were before Christmas we could admire the wonderful Christmas decoration of the city and the shops:NYC_Flashback-12NYC_Flashback-13NYC_Flashback-15NYC_Flashback-18NYC_Flashback-31

And a favorite of Dominik 😂:NYC_Flashback-34

See Three on the Road in Washington DC.

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  1. GREAT pics of NYC. We lived and worked there for 2 years, and then learned that Zuri is a much, much better place to live and work.


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