Washington DC – the capitol city

A completly different city to all other cities in the USA. It’s like wandering through Rome in Italy. At least when you walk the touristy side of Washington DC as we did. So much history and pride.. the capital of the United States.

The historical and politically interesting area is actually one big green field (the National Mall), where you’ll find the Capitol, the obelisk (the Washington Monument), all the museums and memorials (like World War II or Korean War Veterans Memorial) as well as the White House, which makes it easy to see everything in a short time period.

Police and Secret Service are everywhere, helicopters are constantly flying over your head and moreover you need to go through a metal detector if you want to go inside any of these above mentioned buildings.

It’s definitively a must do city, to understand what the USA stands for and it was very interesting to hear about the congress, the Union and of course to get a glimpse of where the US president resides..

We started our walk through Washington DC at the train station “Union Station“:Train Station Washington DC
The Capitol:Washington DC, CapitolWashington DC, CapitolWashington DC, Capitolwashington DC, CapitolWashington DC, Capitol

The Washington Monument, a huge Obelisk just bringing back all memories of Dan Brown books:Washington DC, MonumentWashington DC, Monument

The White House:Washington DC, White HouseWashington DC, White House

The World War II Memorial:Washington DC, World War II MemorialWashington DC, World War II Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial, with a view again on the Obelisk of the Washington Monument:Washington DC, World War II MemorialWashington DC, MonumentWashington DC, MonumentWashington DC, Lincoln Memorial

The Korean War Veteran Memorial:Washington DC, Korean War Memorial

The Supreme Court (known from many movies):Washington DC, Supreme CourtWashington DC, Supreme CourtWashington DC, Supreme CourtWashington DC, Supreme CourtWashington DC, Supreme Court

The Library of Congress, which is such a stunning building inside:washington DC, Library of Congresswashington DC, Library of Congresswashington DC, Library of Congresswashington DC, Library of Congresswashington DC, Library of Congress

And back again to the Capitol and the Union Station:
Washington DCwashington DC, Train Station

Next, Three on the Road is heading to Delaware..

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  1. Looks like a nice trip. I always love seeing National Memorials – something about paying tribute to our national heroes that move me. Nice photos.

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  2. Great descriptions and pics of the grand buildings in Washington DC. In 1990, flying from London, I was there one evening when it was dark and rainy, and had a large suite provided me by an institution, for which I was managing money. I turned on the TV and watched The Silence of the Lambs. Never heard of the movie before, and was very tired from the flight. Well, I looked thruout those rooms for the main character of that movie, so I could sleep.

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