Visit from our family

We were so happy, that Dominik’s godson (“Göttibueb”) and his mum, Dominik’s sister, could make it to come visiting us in Florida. We of course wanted it to be the trip of a lifetime for the almost 10 year old boy, so we planned long ahead an exquisite trip through central Florida with visits to Tampa (and the nearby Bush Gardens) and of course Orlando with all its fun things for children by the Disney company as well as two Florida State Parks, where he could hike, see manatees and alligators and drive with an airboat. In Orlando, we’ve chosen to go to Disney Discovery Cove, where you can swim with dolphins, which was such a great experience for kids and adults alike and enjoyed an evening at Disney Springs.

After a long flight inmidst the night a tired but happy mother and son came from Zurich to Tampa:Noah Visit
The day after they already started their trip through Florida:
Noah Visit
First, Bush Gardens near Tampa:
Noah Visit_Bush GardensNoah Visit_Bush GardensNoah Visit_Bush GardensNoah Visit_Bush Gardens
Then we enjoyed a more relaxing day at Blue Springs State Park with watching manatees in their winter quarter and grilling burgers and marshmallows:
Noah Visit_Blue Springs S.P.Noah Visit_Blue Springs S.P.

Next again a more thrilling event.. an airboat tour in Kissimmee State Park to see alligators.. and we saw tons of them and huge ones. As well as lots of vultures, other huge birds and a beautiful bald eagle:
Noah Visit_Kissimmee S.P.Noah Visit_Kissimmee S.P.Noah Visit_Kissimmee S.P.Noah Visit_Kissimmee S.P.Noah Visit_Kissimmee S.P.Noah Visit_Kissimmee S.P.Noah Visit_Kissimmee S.P.Noah Visit_Kissimmee S.P.Noah Visit_Kissimmee S.P.
Of course we couldn’t miss to play a cool mini golf course.. they’re made so much better than in Switzerland:
Noah Visit_Minigolf Pirates Golf, Orlando
And then the highlight: Discovery Cove in Orlando and swimming with the dolphins:
Noah Visit_DiscoveryCoveNoah Visit_DiscoveryCoveNoah Visit_DiscoveryCoveNoah Visit_DiscoveryCoveNoah Visit_DiscoveryCoveNoah Visit_DiscoveryCove
Of course they also couldn’t miss an Outlet before going home and some sightseeing of Orlando (and Disney Springs), Tampa and Fort Myers combined with good food.
Noah Visit_MiromarOutletsNoah Visit_Villa MontclaireNoah Visit_Villa Montclaire
And with such a packed plan, the days flew by very quickly and we took them to Miami to fly back to Switzerland.
Noah Visit_Villa Montclaire

We thank our godson and his mum for having visited us. We enjoyed the time with them a lot and hope that they keep some good memories of a beautiful country and took home some Florida sun to wintery Switzerland.

See Three on the Road again visiting Orlando, Florida themselves again.

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  1. Dominik’s sister and the nephew, both look like they are enjoying the sun and sea of Florida. And the nephew looks like he’s in 7th heaven.

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