Pensacola Beach, FL

After the wildlife sightings of alligators, we got a lot of texts, that at least we haven’t seen a shark… wrong: There he is… a young hammerhead shark. Some fisherman fished it from the Pensacola Beach Pier. They of course released him in to the waters again.


The water is extremely clear. You see everything to the ground, even from the Pier above. We never thought, that Devil Rays (look identical to Manta Rays, just a bit smaller) come as close to the beach as they did, so that we could observe them from the Pier above. They’re so elegant while they’re “flying” through the water. Of course a Pelican (the mascot of Pensacola) was waiting on the Pier to catch some fish, donated by the fishermen. Far away we saw dolphins crossing the sea. It’s again astonishing how much wildlife you see by just walking up and down a small pier at a beach. It seems like the world here is still in order… The beach has the most white sand we’ve ever seen – it beats the Maldives x-time. It’s just one of the most beautiful beaches we’ve seen.


And with a beautiful moon shining on us, our last day in Florida took his end.


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  1. Die Strände sind wunderschön an der ganzen Golfküste. Von Corpus Christi zieht sich die längste Sanddünen-Insel der Welt nach South Padre Island (Padre Island), aber da liegen ja noch einige Campgrounds vor Euch


    1. Ja, jetzt steuern wir dann zwar wahrscheinlich bald etwas ins Inland rein. Beobachten das Wetter etwas. Mit dem Wind-Chill fühlen sich die aktuell 2-4C tagsüber eher wie -3 an. Da macht der Beach einfach weniger Spaß.. wir sind sehr dankbar aber für eure Tipps


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