Once around the USA in one year

End of November 2017 we started our adventure. We flew together with Eyra to Tampa, Florida in the United States and bought a truck and a RV. In mid December we were ready and hit the Road for our adventure to get around the whole United States in one year.

We always thought, we have so much time.. one whole year! Quickly we realized how big the US is compared with all what we know from Switzerland. To get around in one year, we needed quite some planning, a tackted rigit travel itinerary and needed to have the guts just to leave things out. That wasn’t easy in the beginning.. you’d like to see it all, as you’re not going to do a travel like this again. On the other hand, our brains sometimes just couldn’t take any more.. seeing everyday something new and interesting was thrilling but tiring too. We needed to find a good rhythm and to leave out even more. The seasons also put us into a guided tour, we needed to be up North in Summer and back in the South by Winter. We learned, that planning is everything whilst traveling and flexibility stayed a dream.

We had our ups and downs during that year, what you could read in our blog “The other side of our adventures – Ups and Downs while traveling“, but we are so glad and thankful that we were able to do something like this in our life. We feel so much gratitude for all we have seen in 2018 during our trip, all the beautiful places we could see together, the three of us, and the interesting and good people we’ve met during our travel.

We have enjoyed to take you along our travels and are thankful, that you have followed and supported us along our way once around the United States.

So.. the big question is: What are we going to do next?
After our “one year round – trip”, we think we should enjoy another side of the US too. We’ve travelled so quickly, that we stayed that whole year a tourist running from attraction to attraction. So we thought, why not staying the whole winter/spring in Florida, enjoy the warmth and sun and try some “living” in the US and not only traveling the US. So we’ll stay much longer, like 1-2 month at one place and just live. Moreover we have so many things that piled up, which we had no time to do during travel, which we’ll take time to do now. No fancy stuff, but just things who need to be done too. We have tons of unsorted docs and pictures etc.. we definitively have some serious digital tidying up to do. Moreover we need to do some plans for the future, which will take some time of our brains 😂.

This means, that the blog will become a bit different. We will not have enough material to blog as regular as we did and take you along what we see daily. But we probably will get even more a feeling for the country and will share with you what we experience and learn from this country, the differences between the US and Switzerland, culturally but also otherwise. And of course we’ll also going to give you updates on what we do and what we see, as also Florida has so much to offer and to see.

Let’s start with some pictures from the area around Bradenton, Florida, where we stayed for the New Years period and which was our first travel stop one ear ago. And now our officially last one again.

Robinson Preserve, Bradenton, FLRobinson Preserve, Bradenton, FLRobinson Preserve, Bradenton, FLRobinson Preserve, Bradenton, FLRobinson Preserve, Bradenton, FLDe Soto Park, Bradenton, FLDe Soto Park, Bradenton, FLRobinson Preserve, Bradenton, FLRobinson Preserve, Bradenton, FLSearch for the bridge in the fog..

Robinson Preserve, Bradenton, FL

We hope, that you still continue to follow us.. let’s stay in contact via our blog.

Hear from and see Three on the Road not on the road, but living in Florida.. 😉

13 thoughts on “Once around the USA in one year

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  1. und ich hatte dauernd Angst, dass Sarah zurück zu Vontobel will und mir dutzende Mandate für irgendwelche RM-Suchen geben will… super Blog, gute Fotos und vor allem lebt ihr Euren Traum weiter. I’m impressed..:-)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ich sagte, ich hatte Angst davor:-) Uebrigens Mardi Gras in New Orleans fällt auf den 5. März 2019. Ein Muss für Bradenton Snow Birds:-)


  2. Yes, it’s cruel, but you know when life is lived correctly, it’s fantastic. And no one can take those experiences away. I can remember my first day @ Amex International Bank in NYC, on 1 Aug 1967– like it was last week !! As we & our Nordic friends say: Skål mitanand ! 🎼🎹 Let the music play on & on……….

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Glad to have seen you during the year, and good to see you are settling down. Hopefully you will pass this way again, with Sarah this time so I can meet her (Hi Sarah!).

    Safe travels, my friend.


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