Natchez, Mississippi

We left Texas to travel back to New Orleans to be on time for Mardi Gras. As the route would have been too long without a stop, we took the route via Natchez in Mississippi at the border to Louisiana to see something different.

Natchez is drawing you deep into the history of Southern heritage. French explorers settled down early and brought the slaves from Western Africa. The legacy of slavery and French house constructions lives on in the historical sites that enrich Natchez and its surroundings. As unfortunate the history is, the mansions are just gorgeous to look at.

Unfortunately we had again some bad weather, why the pictures are all looking somehow grey, as the days were…


The famous Mississippi river:20180209-20180209-IMG_235920180209-20180209-IMG_236720180209-20180209-IMG_2363

Wonderful historic Southern Mansions, with huge gardens with the typical old oak trees and Spanish moss:20180209-20180209-IMG_237120180209-20180209-IMG_2374

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  1. Get on your dancing and drinking shoes for Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday in Brasiliero) in NOLA. A caipirinha or two would be in order, in order to give thanks to the Samba dancers on parade !! Enjoy and stay safe……….


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