Snow and Ice (updated version)

Months ago, when we planned our route in fall in Switzerland.. we thought, we’d like to skip the cold Swiss winter and take the sunny tour through the south of the USA, with lovely warm temperatures all winter long.

What could possibly go wrong?!

This morning in New Orleans, after a very stormy night with icy rain crashing on our thin RV walls, we stood up by minus 7 degrees Celsius and found… even more ice and snow 😉

Later on today, we were the whole afternoon on the road to go to Abita Springs and to see their famous  American Abita brewery.
On the way we were listening to the local radio stations and were very surprised what we got to hear:
The airport and merely all schools were closed, the interstate (which we wanted to take) was closed too, lots of other bigger and smaller roads as well. So instead of 50 minutes we drove 2 hours. The bridge we needed to cross the lake to Abita Springs was of course closed. The streets were all empty.
On the radio they told you to stay home, especially with kids and they were talking about the ghost city of New Orleans, as downtown NOLA was also empty. And to put the “icy topping” on everything, they played the song “Ice Ice Baby” :-))

Finally being at the brewery, they were astonished that two visitors are coming whilst this weather condition. They felt so sorry for us driving there, so that they have given us a guided tour through the brewery for free and of course Dominik drank some sample beers. Very nice beer though.. especially the “Hop On IPA”, the “Bad Mother Shucker” and the “Baltic Porter”.

Iced wall of our RV
Eyra enjoyed the snow.. and of course needed to clean her snout thereafter
Even the handle was fully coated in ice
Little ice sculptures on the lawn
And our car was fully coated in ice too…

as well as the boat tied to the Marina at the RV park.
20180117-20180117-IMG_1182-220180117-20180117-IMG_1574The streets were very icy.. so not all knew how to drive on it..

20180117-20180118-IMG_1196The brewery and the bear were worth the way through the ice… 🙂

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  1. Cold and icy……………I would think that the vino tinto tastes great, even with scrambled eggs, in the morning !!


  2. We had the same conditions about 3 hours west of you at the Coushatta Casino in Kinder, Louisiana. We were planning on being in New Orleans by now, but stopped because of the winter storm. We are now planning on being in NOLA by next Monday.


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