New Orleans by night

New Orleans is at least as lively by night as in daylight.

We had the chance to be in NOLA while the opening night of Mardi Gras Carnival. The Krewe’s weren’t as stunning as they will be on Fat Tuesday on Feb 13, when the Mardi Gras Season ends, but they had a nice one through the French Quarter and some extraordinary fireworks over French Quarter to start the season.

On every other night, Bourbon Street within the French Quarter is full of clubs, bars, restaurants and is alive 24 hours. Enjoy some pictures of booming NOLA by night – just one of the most beautiful cities in the US in Sarah’s view.


With the skyscrapers vanishing in the fog… spooky in reality.20180109-IMG_134420180109-IMG_135220180109-IMG_102220180109-IMG_103420180109-IMG_136120180109-IMG_104320180109-IMG_1046

Opening of the Mardi Gras Season:20180106-IMG_116520180106-IMG_097920180106-IMG_1144

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