A night out in Austin

While touring through Texas, we have now arrived in Austin, the capitol city of Texas.

Austin is much smaller than Houston, but has a friendly open-minded character, a nice small skyline and an extraordinary music culture. On several places within the city, such as Rainey St, South Congress St, Red River St and of course 6th St, you’ll find small clubs and funky bars playing all directions and styles of live music:  From Singer Songwriter to Honky Tonk, Country, Jazz and Blues to Hip Hop, Soul and House further to Hard Rock, Alternative Rock and Hardcore Metal. Real fun to explore all the different gigs on one evening.


Check out some of the live music we have discovered:

Waiting in line for ice cream late at night 🙈. But not for any ice-cream: You order the flavor of the ice cream and different things to crush in and then they produce it infront of your eyes… yummy! I had Mexican Vanilla with Cinnamon and Pecan nuts crushed in 😜.

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