The Food of Texas

Driving into the state of Texas completely changed the nature around us. There is “Prairie” with lots of horses and cows instead of swamps and loads of water and alligators. And this changes your plates in the restaurant as well: no fried gators and seafood anymore like in Louisiana or Florida, but Steaks, Ribs and Barbeque everywhere. For meat lovers a real paradise 🥩.

And we learnt, that the real Barbeque you are going to wait for.. you’ll start at 9h in the morning and you’ll wait until you may eat around midday and in most restaurants it’s sold out by around 2 o’clock in the afternoon latest and will not be served for dinner at all.

Barbecue (Beef Brisket and Ribs) with Cole Slaw and Beans at Goode & Co Barbecue
Find the real Texan Cowboy eating at the Goode & Co (look left 🤠)
Complimentary Chips and Salsa while waiting for the table at the Taste of Texas Steakhouse (No. 1 Steakhouse in Houston)
As they are a lot of German immigrants in Texas, you’ll find also sausages, correctly called Bratwurst in English 👍 They’re just ten times bigger as we know them 😂20180121-20180121-IMG_1672
Skyline of Houston in foggy weather condition

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  1. Besides you both, Eyra, must be in heaven. With all of those steaks, the bones, they must be a great treat for her. Ulla & I are so glad that you and Dominik are enjoying your trip and now, the state of Texas. And your new personalities, as a cowgirl and a cowboy ! And the beer must be good as well, how about the vino tinto in the steakhouses ? Just to let you know, I was a cowboy when I was 16 & 17, as I worked on a ranch in northern Colorado for two summers–really fun and great experience ! And I really enjoyed Apple Jack–a Colorado Calvados!! And, to get to the best, Roger is now in the finals of the tennis tournament in Melbourne, Australia. Go ROGER !!


    1. Unfortunately Eyra shouldn’t take the bones (too risky that they split), but with the huge portions (the T-Bone was nearly 900gr), there are most of the time some little leftovers for her. So – she loves Texas 😇
      I can definitely see you as a Cowboy 🤠
      The Wine was ok but not great so far. Beers are actually better here in our experience.
      And of course.. go Roger ☺️


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