Entering TEXAS.. the city of Houston

Finally we arrived in the state, we always wanted to see: TEXAS!

And we started with the biggest city of Texas: Houston. Everyone told us not to go there and that there is nothing to see. So we were more than surprised, that this city has something to offer too, at least to some “Swissies”.

We enjoyed the beautiful skyline in Downtown Houston, the Discovery Green city park including an ice skating field and admired the big waterfall wall at Williams tower. In addition, we visited one of the noble suburbs of Houston; The Woodlands. Also the big shopping mall “the Galleria” in Uptown Houston is nice to look at and of course fun to shop in 🙂 .

Less fun is the traffic! As you see on the picture below, you have 10 lines going into the same direction and several layers of highways on bridges over and under you. Just impressive… but very hard to drive for us 😦 .

State of Texas Sign
Entering Houston (Houston skyline)
Enormous street structure.. 10 lines in 1 direction.. several layers of more roads..

Skyline and other views of the city of Houston:
Shopping Center The Galleria (again including an ice skating paradise)

The Woodlands:
Only quality shops and a waterway to walk, framed with restaurants to sit outside and the most elegant houses in noble quarters:

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  1. schön! Kleine Frage, auf den meisten Bildern sieht alles etwas menschenleer aus… ist das momentan so im Süden oder hat das andere Gründe… wie bevölkert sind eigentlich die Camgrounds?


    1. Ich mag nicht so wenn viele fremde Menschen auf den Fotos sind (und die mögen wohl weniger gerne auf meinen Fotos sein). Ich wähle somit einerseits bewusst Momente mit weniger Leuten, andererseits finde ich den Auflauf in den Städten normal und nicht übermäßig. Die Campgrounds sind auch unterschiedlich: in Stadtnähe (New Orleans, Houston, Austin etc sehr voll; in State Parks außerhalb eher leer. Aber bis anhin überall immer angenehm.


  2. Houston has always been a very interesting city–lots of good restaurants, business, energy, sports, and neighborhoods. When we lived in Mexico City,1971-1974, we were in Houston several times a year for the restaurants, and safety. At that time, one of my business colleagues (a Mexican) was kidnapped and held for 6 months, while other European & American businessmen/women were also kidnapped !. I could also recommend Austin, as a university city, it has good restaurants, music, & culture, etc.


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