San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo 2018

We had the chance to see the famous yearly held San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo in San Antonio, Texas. The show is in a huge complex and is absolutely exciting, the cowboys are stunning and the horses are tremendously well trained. The show started off of course with a singer singing the national anthem. The rest besides the show reminded us of Olma St. Gallen and was fun to see.. a must do in Texas definitively.

After the Rodeo, they have every day another special entertainments. We have chosen the day of Jeff Dunham! A star comedian, who you probably know from “Achmed, the dead terrorist”. He has shown his new character in San Antonio for the very first time: So what you see now, have only seen some thousands in that hall in San Antonio before and no one else so far and is brand new! His new figure is called Rob, and is the advisor to the US president Donald Trump. Yes, the show was political.. and yes, it was lots of fun! šŸ™ˆ


And the second part of the show.. Jeff Dunham!

Here with “Achmed, the dead terrorist”:20180221-20180221-DSC_0146

Here with his famous figure “Walter”:20180221-20180221-DSC_0135

And this is his brand new figure.. ” Rob, the advisor to President Donald Trump”:20180221-20180221-DSC_0141

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  1. This is getting boring–ONLY GREAT PICS, AGAIN of interesting action–rodeo, horses, cowboys, ventriloquist, etc. !! Ha, ha, Those rodeo pics remind me of the time–in Gymnasium–when I worked on a dude ranch in northern Colorado for two summers. What a great time for me, as I was horse crazy, but living in Chicago, & my Dad knew the owner of the ranch and that man, Ralph Jordan, hired me to work summers. I started out in a fabulous job, mucking (cleaning) out the horse stalls, & ended up taking the guests out horse back riding. Glad you enjoyed that environment and entertainment. Keep the pics coming !!


    1. Thanks again šŸ¤— Horses are such beautiful animals.. we unfortunately both cannot ride them. If I have ever time, Iā€˜d like to learn it. Cleaning the horse stalls I would gladly let do someone else šŸ˜Š


  2. I introduced the editor of Bilanz, in 1984 when I worked in Zuerich, to Ralph Jourdan, as the editor wanted to ride horses and experience the “old” West and cowboy land ! He loved it and even drank Apple Jack–Colorado’s version of Calvados–and wrote an article in Bilanz about his trip !!


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