Corpus Christi, Texas

We drove further South-West, near to the Mexican border to the for our ears strangely sounding city Corpus Christi. A lovely small city with a wonderful boardwalk resembling the one in Nice, Southern France and pelicans everywhere.

Nature, which sometimes gives you the feeling like being on the Moon (or perhaps we are still too much drawn away from the Space Center Houston 😂 – but we have definitively never seen fog on a beach before, in the afternoon combined with warm temperatures).

Miles of golden and white beaches, which you may use with your sandals, your horse or your car or even a RV 😜. Uncommon for us Swiss guys of course, but a very cool experience 👍.

Downtown Corpus Christi:

Padre Island, island offshore Corpus Christi:
Padre Island is the world’s longest barrier island and has spectacular long beaches and special nature.


And with the best fish & chips ever and a cookies & cream ice-cream a fun day found his end at Snoopy’s Pier on Padres Island:20180217-20180217-IMG_286220180217-20180217-IMG_286620180217-20180217-IMG_287420180217-20180217-IMG_287720180217-20180217-IMG_2871

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  1. Well, I love pelicans so of course I loved your pictures of them. I also liked the contrast between your B&W capture of the well worn working fishing boat and the sleek (I assume very pricey) sailboat. And, yes, there is something about a beach!

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  2. Excellent pics, as ever. Pelicans are interesting, but racing with the Dolphins is my favorite, while sailing. However, the cookies & cream, ice cream, is our favorite–after the fish & chips, of course. How do you both stay so slim ?


    1. Thx! I could imagine that it must be great having dolphins swim with your boat. We have not (yet 😎) experienced that. Haha.. of course the food! We actually don’t.. or at least I don’t.. I took ok quite some weight. But you only live once!


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