Fredericksburg – “Germany” in Texas

Fredericksburg is a small calm town in the Hill Country in Texas, which got populated by German settlers. The town is also notable as the home of “Texas German”, a dialect spoken by the first generations of settlers who initially refused to learn English. Still today you’ll find a lot of German words spread around the city, which made it very funny for us – finally we understood something 😂.

The Hill Country is famous for Texan Wines and a beautiful countryside. We’ll post a separate blog later especially on the Hill Country. First we show you the city of Fredericksburg and then Luckenbach (coming soon).

Driving through the beautiful Hill Country from San Antonio to Fredericksburg.

Downtown Fredericksburg:
German signs everywhere.. even several German flags are hanging. And “homemade” Pie’s.. yummy!
Not very German… but just delicious: A Rum tasting. Something for you Marco!

Also not very German.. more African Safari.. but just a terribly cool vehicle 🙈.


And a beautiful shop just outside Fredericksburg (Magnolia Pearl), where I could have taken hundreds of pictures.. just sooo gorgeous:20180228-20180228-IMG_1945

… und Tschüss! And see you soon for further Hill Country insights.20180227-20180227-IMG_3297

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  1. Great pics of a small German town in Texas… Were the pies as good as in Zuerich or Basel ? Reminds me of the town my father’s parents moved to from northern Germany: Emden, Illinois–100 kilometers south of Chicago ! Only Germans lived there when I was a young child, as everyone spoke nur hoch Deutsch. The school teachers and the church ministers were Germans, as were all of the inhabitants. And Emden, Illinois was founded by the Hallmanns and the Kraemers. I have tasted, only, pies from either my grandmother (a Kraemer) or my great grandmother (also a Kraemer). And the pies were really delicious. Can’t wait to see your other travel pics


    1. The pies were better than I ever tasted in Switzerland and like at home of your „Grosi“ (grandma). Absolutely delicious. Be bought 4 slices, so that we can eat the other two another day 😂
      Here, it was the Prinz von Preußen whose name was Fredericksburg (or Friedrichsburg). Very German everything.. America is a land of immigrants..


    1. Thank you.. yes, it‘s worth it. And definitely go to see Luckenbach, the wineries and enchanted Rock (we will put on photos in our future two blogs) all just very near together..


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