Luckenbach and the Texas Hill Country

Why visiting a village with a population of exactly 3 people?! Luckenbach is an unincorporated community in the Texas Hill Country consisting of two buildings: a Post Office and a Dance Hall. But the Post Office, is not just a Post Office.. it’s a small General Store, a Bar, a Country Music event hall and a Biergarten. Moreover it has a ATM (definitively the coolest we’ve ever seen), Cowboys and Cowboy supplies and “Freibier”. It’s so cosy and has so much character.. we could have stayed there all day and listen to the different musicians.

Within the Hill Country you’ll find a street, where about fifty wineries are producing their Texan Wines. The wineries offer tastings and I can assure you, these wines are top! Tuscany needs to hurry up! 😂

Population: 3.20180228-20180228-DSC_012120180228-20180228-IMG_340620180228-20180228-DSC_006520180228-20180228-DSC_008820180228-20180228-DSC_006220180228-20180228-DSC_004220180228-20180228-DSC_005820180228-20180228-DSC_007820180228-20180228-DSC_011020180228-20180228-IMG_341020180228-20180228-DSC_010620180228-20180228-DSC_011620180228-20180228-DSC_010020180228-20180228-DSC_0082

Through the Texan Hill Country further to the Wineries:20180228-20180228-DSC_013020180228-20180228-DSC_0029

Grape Creek Vineyards:
A beautiful winery with excellent wines and a wonderful situated restaurant and well organized tastings. You’ll feel like in Tuscany.20180228-20180228-DSC_001520180228-20180228-DSC_001920180228-20180228-IMG_3402

More to the Texan Hill Country will follow.. We love the Texan Hill Country 😁. See ya’ll soon!


4 thoughts on “Luckenbach and the Texas Hill Country

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  1. Great tour of the city of 3–Luckenbach–along with your medical doctor–Dr Pepper–Eyra & Dominik. Sara, your USPA is fabbie, you should wear it to Gstaad and St Moritz at the polo matches !! The onlookers would be curious as to where it was purchased. What type of Italian style wine did you taste ?


    1. Haha! My medical doctor Dr. Pepper.. somehow true! Funnily, I got compliments for it exactly in Luckenbach by some Cowboy-Lady.
      We tasted 9 wine each! From Pinot Grigio to Viognier to Cabernet Franc to Merlot, Syrah and Blends of different grapes with Cabernets. They have an interesting wine club. Check out on their web site.


  2. Looks amazing! You guys always brighten up my currently snowy cold days 🙂 so jealous though, your trip is so dope! 🙂

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