Willow City Loop & Enchanted Rock (Texas Hill Country)

Besides lovely small towns and tons of wineries the Texas Hill Country also has also amazing nature to provide. Two examples we like to emphasize:

The Willow City Loop
The Willow City Loop is a 15 miles scenic drive through the countryside with splendid views and great nature. Like a pretty hike, just with the car.

The Enchanted Rock
The Enchanted Rock is a massive pink granite dome rising above the Texas Hill Country with nearly 11 miles of hiking trails. It’s the largest such pink granite monadnock in the United States. Some trails are dog-friendly, so we hiked there for several hours and were hypnotized from the beauty of this area.
The Willow City Loop:20180301-20180301-IMG_348020180301-20180301-DSC_001220180301-20180301-IMG_345120180301-20180301-DSC_000520180301-20180301-DSC_001020180301-20180301-IMG_345420180301-20180301-DSC_001620180301-20180301-IMG_348320180301-20180301-DSC_003620180301-20180301-DSC_004220180301-20180301-DSC_0025

The Enchanted Rock:

And after all this hiking.. we needed to strengthen us again with some delicious
Fredericksburg Pie:
German Chocolate and Lemon Merenque.. so good!

Three on the Road will hit again the road.. so, see you at our next destination!

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