In the middle of Nowhere… or in Bat-Land

In the last few days we were cruising through South-West Texas, which is merely not inhabited. Lots of the time we did not have any cell service or Wifi. It’s odd, how difficult it is to be without contact to the world and still how beautiful.

We have stayed in Lost Maples State Park and Kickapoo Cavern State Park.

In the latter we could witness the Mexican free-tailed Bats emerging from their home cave at dawn to hunt for food. 1 million of bats were flying out, which took 25 minutes of constant bat-fly-show. Just overwhelming! Please take some time to view the video of the bats further down the blog. It’s just awesome and so unique.

On the way from Fredericksburg to Lost Maples SP: Kerrville.20180302-20180302-IMG_355620180302-20180302-IMG_3554

Lost Maples State Park:20180302-20180302-IMG_358320180302-20180302-IMG_358820180302-20180302-IMG_360320180302-20180302-DSC_0004

Kickapoo Cavern State Park:
We did some extensive hiking in the Park (the Long Way Home Trail just says everything by its name 😩), enjoyed the nature which is slowly picking up the “Spring mode” and were watching the wonderful bats.20180304-20180304-IMG_361520180307-20180307-DSC_003520180306-20180306-IMG_364120180306-20180306-IMG_363220180307-20180307-IMG_367220180307-20180307-IMG_3681
the hike was just exhaustive for all parties..

First Spring signs on our hike trough Kickapoo.
The Mexican free-tailed Bat:
The bats live in the Stuart Bat Cave within the Kickapoo Cavern State Park. 1 million of these so-called Mexican free-tailed Bats house in that cave and emerge within 25 minutes every evening from Spring to Autumn, then they go back to Mexico for the Winter.

and the predator eating them… easy food, nearly like shopping in Walmart.
Nature, cruel and honest.

4 thoughts on “In the middle of Nowhere… or in Bat-Land

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  1. In bat Heaven. Lucky you did not see Batman. He has a poisonous bite!! However, the steaks looked great–rosa gebraten ? But no vino tinto to be seen. As usual, wonderful pics.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha.. I would liked to have seen Batman.. but he was scared of us strong Swissies.
      Of course.. Dominik is a great griller! As we were in a State Park, where you are not allowed to display alcoholic beverages, we needed to hide the wine. But you can be reassured that there was some to a lovely meat like this ☺️.


  2. cool Sarah… ha, beim Anblick der Steaks läuft mir das Wasser im Munde zusammen… wir waren im Wohnwagen eigentlich selten auswärts essen… wurde mir gerade eben bewusst!! thanks for sharing…


    1. Ja, die Steaks sind eine Klasse für sich hier in Texas und prinzipiell Amerika. Extrem fein.. wir essen auch viel zu Hause und doch in jeder Stadt sicher 1x auswärts um die lokalen Speisen zu probieren. Wir sind aber auch ziemliche Foodies eben ☺️


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