Along the Mexican Border to Alpine and Marfa

Still within Texas, we drove further South-West, back to at least partial civilization. All in the South of Texas we were touching the Mexican Border first at Del Rio and stayed along it all the way for the next hours and days going further West. We visited the towns of Marathon, and in more detail Alpine and Marfa and also took some time to go again off grid into Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch State Park.

As the Big Bendย is a huge, absolutely remote and stunning National Park, we’ve taken over 1’000 pictures in two days only ๐Ÿ˜ฉ. We will therefore do a separate post on the Big Bend parks, in a next blog. Of course with some selected pictures only ๐Ÿ˜‚.

Driving along the Mexican Border means, getting controlled by Border Control several times. Young Border Police Controllers will ask you standardly: “US citizen?”
“No…” (first bad answer!).
“Your nationality?”
“From Switzerland”.
“Switzerland???”.. And then you can get taken out for further inspection, as we did.

The towns of Alpine and Marfa are each very secluded and surrounded with desert, barren vegetation and mountains. It’s a very special atmosphere.. like from another world.. we could always imagine an UFO landing just next the town in the desert ๐Ÿ˜. But also as far out as these towns are, there is still place for good food ๐Ÿ˜‚.


Border Control:

They drive along the highway, which is following the border line on a sandy road aside, cleaning the sand. We assumed it’s to see, if people walk over it. They have also helicopters flying over the border regularly, zeppelins and several Border control stations, as the one you see below.

The mystic desert in direction of Alpine and Marfa:

The town of Alpine:
Alpine, TXAlpine, TXAlpine, TXAlpine, TXAlpine, TX
Hot Dog from the “Cow Dog Food Truck”. Texas definitively shows you, that also a simple Hot Dog dish can be delicious food: With grilled pineapples and cilantro-lime sauce.ย 

Driving further to Marfa and the town of Marfa:20180309-20180309-DSC_003520180309-20180309-DSC_003720180311-20180311-DSC_0787Marfa, TXMarfa, TXMarfa, TXMarfa, TXMarfa, TXMarfa, TXMarfa, TXMarfa, TX
Dinner at the La Venture Restaurant, within the Saint George Hotel at Marfa.

Marfa, TX

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    1. Yes, but they were not overall interesting. I assume (and we read about a study as well), that the lights are merely from cars and Planes. We ourselves saw several Carlinhos where our neighbors were completely hysterical about seeing Marfa Lights.


  1. Alpine, Texas–population 5,905 people–with many cows & retired cowboys, but no alpine mountains ?? A city which sits on a high plateau in the desert !! The food pics look very good–especially the schoki tarte tatin–and made me hungry for this evening’s meal.


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