Hueco Tanks State Park… and why we spent so much time in Texas!

The Historic Site & State Park of Hueco Tanks is just about 30 minutes outside El Paso. So close to the city and so different.. total silence, pure nature. The park has tons of regulations, as it is famous for bouldering and is spiritually significant to Native Americans (Indians), due to several ancient pictographs (rock paintings), many of which are thousands of years old. When all the desert around got dry, in Hueco Tanks, were always natural small water ponds (tanks), where people and animals found water to survive.

After the pulsating city of El Paso, we spent some hiking and relaxing days there and enjoyed a most beautiful camping spot. Moreover we tried our first time dry camping! So, without water and electricity. With our Solar Panel and lots of candles, we enjoyed the primitive camping and the relaxing silence of it.

Moreover we saw lots of lovely little wildlife, such as roadrunners, rabbits, marmots or groundhogs etc.

On the way between El Paso and Hueco Tanks,
with beautiful last views back on the city of El Paso:

Hueco Tanks Historic Site & State Park:
Most beautiful campground of Hueco Tanks. More pictures of the campground follow in the tab Campgrounds in the next days.
By the water pond we found several footprints of animals, such as mountain lions and bobcats, which are common in the park and go drink in the evening.



First of all, we just like Texas..
and secondly, it’s huge.. as their motto: “Everything is bigger in Texas!”


Good-Bye Texas then..

See you again on the Road.. in the upcoming States: New Mexico and Arizona.

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  1. Again, great pictures. And those pictographs, of early tribes, are always interesting and reflect how they saw their surroundings and their lives, thousands of year ago.


  2. Hello from El Paso! I had family in for the weekend and looked up Hueco Tanks. Your blog was one of the top picks! How lovely a family from so far away obviously enjoyed our back yard.

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