White Sand allover..

Finally leaving Texas, we drove into New Mexico and visited the White Sands National Monument ( thanks for the recommendation to C.R.) on our way to Arizona. Unfortunately there was a small storm on that day with winds of 50 mph (around 80 kmh), which doesn’t help too much for your view when you are visiting some sand dunes. It was a special experience though by which everything was allover with sand at the end: Our car, our RV, us three and all our equipment. We had quite some cleaning to do after that event. Eyra wasn’t interested in the cleaning.. she just loved the sand and to run in it!

Moreover this was a special place, as we did for the first time “boondocking”. This is dry camping (no water, no electricity etc), but goes further than that, as it is not on a campground with a designated space, but just wherever you want on land where it is permitted to stay over night. So you choose a place you want to stay and sometimes you have others arriving there too, sometimes you’re alone. We had quite a unique place, just infront of White Sands at a small lake. As the winds were strong, we were quite frightened out there with nothing.. but at the end it was just a wonderful experience.

The next day we drove further our way to Arizona, but couldn’t leave without going quickly into White Sands again, as it was a terribly cold but beautiful sunny morning with a clear dark blue sky. And suddenly there were hills behind the sand! 😂 Eyra did some running again and we finally saw White Sands National Monument.

Some real snow on the top of the hill on the drive into New Mexico

Fake snow.. whitest sand in White Sand National Monument:
Due to the strong winds the whole sky was just white and walking resembled snowboarding…

Our Boondocking spot:

Again in White Sands.. this time with less wind and just a wonderful blue sky.. and suddenly mountains behind:20180319-20180319-DSC_019420180319-20180319-DSC_021920180319-20180319-DSC_020120180319-20180319-DSC_021120180319-20180319-IMG_420220180319-20180319-DSC_022820180319-20180319-IMG_4213

Driving further through New Mexico in direction of Tucson, Arizona:

Meet Three on the Road again soon in Arizona..

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  1. Great pics of White Sands New Mexico. Never been there, but while at university, I dated a girl from the area near White Sands, NM–her father was a nuclear scientist at a US government research laboratory.


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