Christmas Dinner 🎄

Unfortunately we neither had our family with us nor the possibility to do a traditional Fondue Chinoise. So.. a Porterhouse Steak and some minor Christmas decoration needed to do the trick. But we enjoyed some Christmas cookies baking and a wonderful Christmas Eve the three of us.

Merry Christmas

We wish you and your beloved ones a Merry Christmas. Enjoy the Holiday Season... Sarah & Dominik Picture 1,3: current cmp Picture 2 and feature image: last campground

Wildlife Sightings

Today we saw a lot of wildlife during our nature trail. A gopher tortoise digging his whole, an armadillo (Gürteltier) searching for insects just centimeters away from us and of course tons of squirrels and birds. Dominik still hopes to see a snake and some alligators, but so far, they're just funny stories from our... Continue Reading →

Wonderful State Park Campground

We continued our travels to the Inlands of Florida and reached a wonderful State Park Campground. Squirrels and birds welcomed us.. but our neighbors told us as well about the very poisonous Coral Snake, which they've just seen today on the footpath we walked. The poison is strong enough to lead to death (Humans! So... Continue Reading →

Florida’s State Parks

We just so excited about all these State Parks in Florida. Most of them are so beautiful and merely all of them have trails for a short or longer walk. Amongst others one of the very nice ones is De Soto National Memorial Park near Bradenton. The plants are diverse: Mangroves, oak trees with that... Continue Reading →

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