Dominik’s wish came true… Alligators!

We have spent a day visiting two Florida State Parks: Wakulla Springs and Ochlockonee River.

Wakulla Springs (a tip of very good friends from us: Thank P & M) is like a forest out of some dreamland. And there.. we saw them: Alligators.. everywhere..
They told us, that gators swim with a speed of 35 miles per hour and run nearly as fast as a horse on land. They can even jump over your boat – or in it :-). So, we were actually happy not to be closer than some meters. In addition to that, we saw lots of different birds, turtles and the place where they filmed the first Tarzan movie 😉 You’ll see in one picture also some resemblance to Alfred Hitchcock’s “Die Vögel”.

In Ochlockonee River it was less spooky, although it is a bear country.  We enjoyed seeing some deers next to the trail. Moreover we could use the 4 wheel drive for a first time, by driving the scenic route which was a dirt road. Fun…

Wakulla Springs:


Ochoklonee River:



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