Sequoia National Forest & National Park

Sequoias are monstrously big trees with a beautiful brown-orange bark. Idealistic as we are, we actually thought Sequoia National Park is a forest just with these trees. But as unique as these trees are, Sequoia N.P.  is a "normal" forest, as we know it from Switzerland, but with some wonderful Sequoia trees in it. So,... Continue Reading →

Lake Isabella

If you want to get further West from Death Valley, you'll have the Sierra Nevada infront of you. As we are still early in the season, the Sierra Nevada is still full of snow and the roads over it are closed. So we needed to turn south, driving through the Owens Valley (with Owens Lake),... Continue Reading →

Death Valley II

The second Blog to Death Valley National Park is featuring Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, Scenic Drive of route 190, Mosaic Canyon hiking trail, Panamint Valley and Father Crowley Point.  At Father Crowley Point the US military did some jet training. That's a point where they fly deep into the canyon, so that you can even... Continue Reading →

Death Valley: Thunderstorm below Sea Level

We crossed the state line from Nevada to California in the backcountry.. there wasn't even the typical welcome sign and we drove into Death Valley National Park. Death Valley, the epitome of deadly dry and hot climate.  Not if you travel with Sarah! 😂 Rain and a thunderstorm was giving us the probably most rarely seen... Continue Reading →

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