Death Valley II

The second Blog to Death Valley National Park is featuring Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, Scenic Drive of route 190, Mosaic Canyon hiking trail, Panamint Valley and Father Crowley Point. 

At Father Crowley Point the US military did some jet training. That’s a point where they fly deep into the canyon, so that you can even see them below you. We were at one point lucky, they flew through, but unlucky, as we just left the point and just saw them afterwards out of the car (where we couldn’t get them well on the picture and didn’t see them below us… ). But it still was an amazing experience.

Here we go with the second part:


Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes:

Mosaic Canyon hiking trail:20180502-20180502-DSC_018020180502-20180502-DSC_014220180502-20180502-DSC_015620180502-20180502-DSC_015020180502-20180502-DSC_016420180502-20180502-DSC_015820180502-20180502-IMG_521620180502-20180502-DSC_0168

Scenic Drive on route 190, through the Paramint Valley:

Father Crowley Point:
We just missed the jets flying through the canyon below us.. but it was already stunning just see them moving flat over the hills.

Further on Route 190:
Driving in direction of the Sierra Nevada, which you can already see in the background just at the end of Death Valley park.

Three on the Road drives further through the Owen Valley along the Sierra Nevada to Lake Isabella for a short pit stop before we head to Sequoia National Park.

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