Death Valley: Thunderstorm below Sea Level

We crossed the state line from Nevada to California in the backcountry.. there wasn’t even the typical welcome sign and we drove into Death Valley National Park.

Death Valley, the epitome of deadly dry and hot climate.  Not if you travel with Sarah! 😂 Rain and a thunderstorm was giving us the probably most rarely seen scenery of Death Valley – a frightening darkened sky instead of the typical steel blue. It was a very special experience. Next day.. we had the typical weather again and the hot sun was burning down on us. Unfortunately due to the season a lot of roads were closed and some parts which we’d liked to see, weren’t accessible.

To be honest, we were not awaiting too much of Death Valley. “Dead” as it says in the name, we thought it’s just a dry desert with some mountains around it and otherwise nothing. Again did learn us the US different and we were astonished of the diverse beauty of Death Valley. Moreover it’s extremely photogenic and we took so many pictures, that we need to do two blogs for Death Valley:

  • First Blog is concentrating on our first day in Death Valley Center and South-East (the Thunderstorm Day) and what we did on the day after in the same region (Furnace Creek, Badwater Basin, Zabriskie Point, Artists Palette, Devils Golf Course, Golden Canyon Trail).
  • Second Blog concentrates on the South-Western part of Death Valley  and what we did in that region (Scenic Drive of 190, Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, Mosaic Canyon Trail, Panamint Valley, Father Crowley Point)

So, let’s start with the first one:

20180502-20180502-DSC_0001Death Valley, CA
a special feeling to know, that you are below sea level

From Furnace Creek to Badwater Basin:
Death Valley, CADeath Valley, CADeath Valley, CADeath Valley, CADeath Valley, CA
a coyote

Badwater Basin:
Death Valley, CADeath Valley, CADeath Valley, CADeath Valley, CADeath Valley, CADeath Valley, CADeath Valley, CADeath Valley, CADeath Valley, CADeath Valley, CADeath Valley, CA

Devils Golf Course:
Death Valley, CADeath Valley, CADeath Valley, CA

Artists Palette:
20180502-20180502-DSC_0055Death Valley, CADeath Valley, CADeath Valley, CA

Golden Canyon Trail:

Zabriskie Point:


12 thoughts on “Death Valley: Thunderstorm below Sea Level

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  1. glück des tüchtigen! gehört dazu! ausserdem gefällt mir bei deinen fotos die proportionen, mach weiter so!


  2. ausserdem fällt im death valley ab und zu regen. kein witz, wir haben im death valley kleine fische fotografiert! und wie auch immer: hammerpic!


    1. Haha.. genial. Rein theoretisch stand mindestens im offiziellen DV Büchli, dass normalerweise nur 1x pro Jahr maximal und oft 2-3 Jahre gar kein Regen fällt.. egal.. es war spannend so


  3. Profi, haha, danke. Heute würden die anders aussehen… aber die 2nd Chance kommt einfach nicht…:-)


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